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The Circle of Tagamlitzki

No less than several decades the Functional Analysis Circle (later specialised course) of Tagamlitzki was in the focus of the development of contemporary mathematics in Bulgaria. It was the school where generations of the best Bulgarian mathematicians gained experience and confidence.

Below we present the evidence of participants in this circle, and also detailed notes of lectures on Functional Analysis, delivered by Tagamlitzki in the late 70-ies.

Academician Ivan Todorov (Tagamlitzki's student)
Academician Blagovest Sendov (Tagamlitzki's student)
Prof. Doychin Doychinov (Tagamlitzki's Assistant Professor)
Prof. Todor Genchev (Tagamlitzki's student)
Prof. Dimiter Skordev (Tagamlitzki's student)
Prof. Vladimir Chakalov, Prof. D. Skordev (Tagamlitzki's students)
Lectures of Prof. Tagamlitzki for the Functional Analysis Circle (1977-1978)

The original evidence is in Bulgairan and can be found on the Bulgarian pages of this site. Unfortunately, We are not able to provide translations.

Lectures before the Functional Analysis Circle (1977-1978)
We provide for donload detailed hadwritten notes* of Tagamlitzki's Functional Analysis Course, delivered at Sofia University during 1977-1978.

The notes are in Bulgarian.

Functional Analysis Lectures 1
Functional Analysis Lectures 2

* The notes are due to Tagamlitzki's student Georgi Tenev Georgiev from Yambol, currently mathematics teacher with the Mathematical Secondary Shool in Yambol.

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