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In 1943 Tagamlitzki defended his Ph.D. at Leipzig University, where he specialised under the prominent mathematicians Paul Koebe and van der Waerden.

His thesis (supervisor Paul Koebe) was: "Zum allgemeinen Kreisnormierungsprinzip der konformen Abbildung" (To the general circle normalisation principle of conform mappings).

Tagamlitzki's circle
Back in Bulgaria, Tagamlitski eventually succeeds Prof. Kyrille Popoff as head of the Chair of Calculus at Sofia University, and in the early 50-ies, initiates his famous Calculus (later Functional analysis) circle. In the following decades this circle becomes the focus of the numerous assistants, doctoral students, demonstrators, and students, who determine the overall development of contemporary Bulgarian mathematics in the 20th century.

Circle participants
The list below is by no means exhaustive. It contains the names of the more notable participants in Tagamlitzki's Functional analysis circle (in lexicographic order by name):

Apostol Obretenov, Blagovest Sendov, Boyan Penkov, Dimitar Dobrev, Dimiter Skordev, Dimitrichka Shopova, Doitchin Doitchinov, Emanuil Dimitrov, Ivan Dimovski, Ivan Prodanov, Ivan Raychinov, Ivan Todorov, Nikolay Khadzhiivanov, Nikolay Stoev, Stancho Dimiev, Todor Genchev, Vladimir Alexandrov, Vladimir Chakalov, Vladimir Lubih, etc.

Tagamlitzki's Doctoral students
Tagamlitzki's doctoral students during 1952 – 1982 have been (in lexicographic order by first name):

Aleksander Aleksandrov, Dimiter Skordev, Elena Ljubenova, Ivan Prodanov, Khristo Boyadzhiev, Minh Thai Nguyen (Vietnam), Todor Genchev, Vasil Tsanov, Vladimir Chakalov.

Between 1957 and 1978 the following doctoral students of Tagalitzki have defended Ph.D. theses (in lexicographic order by first name):

Elena Ljubenova, Ivan Prodanov, Khristo Boyadzhiev, Minh Thai Nguyen (Vietnam), Vasil Tsanov, Vladimir Chakalov.

The theses, defended by Dimiter Skordev and Todor Genchev in the late sixties, were produced with no advisor officially, but in fact Tagamlitzki must be credited as their counselor.

Tagamlitzki's Master students
The list below is by no means exhaustive, It is based mainly on theses, found in Tagamlitzki's university archives.
The leftmost year is written on the thesis itself. A letter "Т" in the second column means that Tagamlitzki has been explicitly credited as advisor on the title page of the thesis, and a question mark in the same column means "no advisor name" (there is a thesis, which also lacks the year info).

????? ? Ivan Raychinov Simeonov
1955 ? Aleksandar Dimitrov Danov
1955 ? Nikolay Lyubenov Stoev
1955 ? Stancho Genchev Stanchev
1956 ? Blagovest Hristov Sendov
1956 T Ivan Todorov Todorov
1956 ? Todor Donchev Dimitrov
1957 ? Georgi Hristoskov Kirov
1957 T Ivan Hristov Dimovski
1957 ? Teodora Aleksandrova Kirpikova
1958 T Dimiter Genchev Skordev
1958 T Rumen Vasilev Grozdanov
1958 T Spiro Vasil Makochi
1958 T Stoyan Stoilov Stoyanov
1959 T Ivan Rachev Prodanov
1959 T Ilia Petrov Iliev
1961 ? Nikolay Georgiev Hadzhiivanov
1966 T Kostadin Petrov Dinchev
1966 T Petar Spiridonov Nedevski
1968 T Yanko Tsvetanov Kintishev
1969 ? Boyan Marinov Bonev
1969 T Roni Nisim Levi
1969 T Toma Vasilev Tonev
1971 T Dimitar Petkov Kehayov
1971 T Yuriy Fyodorov Grebchenko
1972 T Vasil Valdemarov Tsanov
1972 T Elena Todorova Lyubenova
1972 T Nikolay Sashov Bozhinov
1972 T Hristo Nonev Boyadzhiev
1975 ? Avram B. Ronkov
1976 T Silvia Borisova Yacheva
1977 T Boris Ivanov Starchev
1977 T Elisaveta Dimitrova Vatralova
1977 T Maria Ivanova Hristova
1977 T Neli Racheva Angelova
1977 T Petar Tomov Yanakiev
1978 T Diana Zheliazkova Anastasova
1978 ? Nikolay Georgiev Nikolov
1978 T Rumen Tsanev Marinov
1979 T Manol Yankov Iliev
1979 T Hristo Yordanov Hristov
1979 T Yulian Lyubenov Dimitrov
1982 T Aleksandar Kirilov Aleksandrov
1983 T Vladimir Dimitrov Babev

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