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The Voice of Tagamlitzki (recordings)

A calculus lecture (Weierstrass-Stone Theorem), December 1982
Piano tuning

A calculus lecture (Weierstrass-Stone Theorem), December 1982
"On the last academic day of 1982, just before New year's eve, I went to the lecture with my luggage, set to depart immediately for the country. I carried with me my cassette-recorder (a state-of-the-art device for the time). Almost jokingly, not expecting anything spectacular, I recorded the lecture of Prof. Tagamlitzki on the Weierstrass-Stone Theorem.

Parts of the cassette have degraded after so many years, but elesewhere everything is intact. I have converted the recording into mp3-format, and I am sending a link to the two sides of the cassette."

Stoyan Bordzhukov, teacher in mathematics in the town of Troyan, Tagamlitzki's student

Calculus lecture recording,
December 1982 – side A (25,5 MB)

Calculus lecture recording,
December 1982 – side B (24,9 MB)

Piano tuning
We are aware of Tagamlitzki's passion for music. It is well known that he was a capable violin and piano player. Less known are his investigations on piano tuning (a.k.a. temperament).

Below you can download the two sides of an audiocassette which replicates Tagamlitzki's own recordings.

Piano Temperament, side А (38,3 MB)
Piano Temperament, side B (40,7 MB)

* This preserved recording is from the personal archives of Prof. Skordev, Tagamlitzki's student.

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