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Tagamlitzki's Calculus Lectures

"I live because of and with my lectures. Should they take them away from me, I will die!" YT

Tagamlitzki's Calculus textbooks
Calculus Lecture Notes (1974-1976)
Calculus conspectuses used for examinations in 1975-76

Tagamlitzki's textbooks, the lecture notes, and the calculus conspectuses are in Bulgarian.

Tagamlitzki's Calculus textbooks
The Calculus textbooks of Prof. Tagamlitzki have undergone several editions during his lifetime. They are also being used by students today, but his actual students have no doubt that in his search for the ultimate truth he often drifted away from the trodden paths. Therefore, there is no doubt that a better idea of his most recent lectures will be provided by the lecture notes, and not by the texbooks.
Differential Calculus (5 ed. 1971)
1. Scanned raster PDF, 2. Vector graphics PDF
Integral Calculus (6 ed., 1978)
1. Scanned raster PDF, 2. Vector graphics PDF

Tagamlitski's Calculus Lecture Notes
Below are available for donload handwritten lecture notes* of Tagamlitzki's Classical Calculus course, delivered at Sofia University in 1974-1976, organised in 5 notebooks.

Calculus Lectures Notebook 1
Calculus Lectures Notebook 2
Calculus Lectures Notebook 3
Calculus Lectures Notebook 4
Calculus Lectures Notebook 5

Calculus Cnspectuses
Below you can download the calculus conspectuses used in examinations:

Calculus 1 (1974-75):
Examination conspectus "Calculus 1" (1974-75)

Calculus 2 (1975-76):
Examination conspectus "Calculus 2" (1975-76)

* The notes are due to Tagamlitzki's student Georgi Tenev Georgiev from Yambol, currently mathematics teacher with the Mathematical Secondary School in Yambol.

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