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Web resources about Tagamlitzki*

Currently the resources provided are in Bulgarian only.

For those who prefer to use these pages as a starting point to pursue their own research on the Internet we enclose a short list of the various transcriptions of the name "Tagamlitzki" in latin letters. The entries are listed by descending frequency* as used in the available publications of Tagamlitzki (i.e. publications, the original languages of which, or of the summaries thereof, are one or more of English, French, or German):
  • Tagamlitzki
  • Tagamlizki
  • Tagamlizky
  • Tagamlicki
  • Tagamlitski
It is a rare family name, so it is better not to specify the first name, which in the sources we know of can be Yaroslav, Jaroslaw or Jaroslav.

The prevailing use of the first transcription above in the publications of Tagamlitzki (more tham 50 %) has determined our choice for the name of this site.

* The list of transcriptions and the frequency analysis has been performed by Prof. Dimiter Skordev.

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